Clemens Center


To design and develop a new website for the Clemens Center that presents the facility, shows, and events in a beautiful, functional, user-friendly design.

Screenshots showing the Clemens Center website design
Clemens Center website on mobile


The HLA marketing team conducted an audit of entertainment venues similar to the Clemens Center in the Northeast region, and also a few larger venues across the country, to review website presentation, pricing, messaging, facility rental, etc. Based on the results of the audit, HLA made recommendations for short term updates to the old website and high level layout and design direction for a new website.

Working closely with the Clemens Center team, HLA developed a website map, wireframe and a beautiful design which was then constructed by the HLA web architect.

Clemens Center website on desktop computer


An engaging, attractive website that beautifully showcases the facility and shows, and incorporates an events calendar and 3rd party ticketing system.