F. M. Howell


F. M. Howell and Company, Inc. [FMH] wanted a new and modern website to act as an umbrella for their three businesses. HLA provided increased SEO power from the three original websites under one brand showcasing an increase in natural search results (Google) and making it easier for new clients to find their service and products online.

Mobile phone displaying F M Howell website
Man using a laptop to browse FM Howell website


HLA developed several creative concepts for the client. Ultimately they chose the Howell red as the accent color along with shades of gray to allow for clear navigation throughout the site. A lot of emphasis was placed on shooting great quality video and photography at their facilities.

FM Howell website screen shots of different pages


A beautiful, modern, optimized website was launched to portray the significance of the company and the many service they provide to the specific industries they serve. Immediate website analytics proved success across multiple devices and awareness throughout the country. The design was then carried through to many additional promotional materials showing consistency of their brands image.