Roper Center


The Roper Center for Public Opinion Research at Cornell University reached out to HLA shortly after the Center was moved from Connecticut to New York. They needed a new ‘identity’ for Roper that would better align with the colors, look and feel of Cornell. In addition, they asked HLA to implement the new design for general print collateral, tradeshow materials, a brochure with stepped inserts, and buttons with illustrations of their founders.

Roper center tradeshow booth
Roper Center logos and marks


The HLA team team developed a bold, modern design that incorporated the Cornell deep red, balanced with some softer shades of red, dark gray and white. We incorporated a question mark-like icon made of small red and white circles to portray data and getting answers to questions. We also used mock ups to show the Roper team how the design would apply to print, tradeshow materials and other marketing tools. The design was very well received and approved to implement as required.

Roper Center Stepped Handout
Roper Center Stepped Handout


Bold, beautiful marketing and communications materials for promotion of the Roper Center. The design also applied beautifully to the Roper website, tradeshow booth components and other miscellaneous items for a very strong, cohesive new identity.