Twinkle Town


The owner of Bradley Farms needed branding for a new Christmas light show business he was developing. He also needed sponsorship materials to help sell the new business, along with help to market the event.

Twinkle Town folder
Final Branding for Twinkle Town Branding process for Twinkle Town


HLA researched similar businesses in the Northeast and developed name choices along with some early creative concepts. The name Twinkle Town emerged as a clear favorite, along with a snow globe like creative concept. A design was flushed out and finalized to complete a logo and branding.

Santa visits the website for Twinkle Town Elmira


The branding was then used to develop a sponsorship folder with stepped inserts using Santa’s Reindeer names for levels of giving.

A Twinkle Town web page followed, along with a marketing campaign including digital, print, radio and TV sponsorships. After a successful first season the client continues to add additional light displays each year.